Eminem Disses Everything (MGK Response) (Parody)

Posted on Wed, 28 November 2018 in
Eminem fires back with a new diss track toward Machine Gun Kelly...and everyone else. LYRICS BELOW: Yea…you know sometimes…I just want to punch the world in the dick I hear a lot of people out there talking trash So to everybody who hated on me, this one’s for you Starting with Machine Gun Kelly more like BB Gun Bitch You’re not sick I’ll stab you in the dick with a pixie stick and eat hot grits Out of a baseball mitt while I show off my tits You just got DISSED I’m coming for EVERYBODY NO ONE is safe Check out this dude named Stu at the Jiffy Lube He didn’t give me 10 percent off of my oil change RUDE Let me guess, you hated my last album too Man fuck you stu! FUCK YOU STU! You should have honored my coupon Now you better keep my name out of your mouth like a stale crouton Here’s something to chew on, you bout to get smoked like a new bong For sleeping on me like a futon YOU JUST GOT DISSED Plus you going bald bitch Who’s next - you! What? What’s your name! Jay. Did you like my last album? I, uh… Ok Jay, here’s what we’re gonna do today I’m gonna ruin your life, I’m gonna bury your wife I’ll cut your children in to tiny pieces with a butterknife Then we’ll drive through the night with a gallon of Sprite while I play audio tapes of me F*cking Betty White I’ll play some Fortnite while you check my scalp for lice, then I’ma drown you in a thousand egg whites You just got DISSED You just got DISSED HA! I heard this dog talking shit about my last album Look at this dog, doggity flog, vloggity woggity floggity flog Floggity flog, floggity flog, vloggity vloggity floggity vlog Floggity flog, vloggity vlog, floggity floggity floggity dog YOU JUST GOT DISSED! AHHH I’M NOT DONE YET What’s up mr. Popsicle? I heard you talking mad shit! Well now I’m bout to break you in your popsicle dick So really you more like a popsicle ass bitch This popsicle ain’t never seen an obstacle it’s probable this popsicle doesn’t even taste tropical I mess it up so hard i send it to a popsicle hospital Cuz when it comes to frozen treats I am diabolical - so fuck popsicles! Let this be a lesson for everybody You gonna talk trash about me? You better be ready. Cuz I’m coming for YOU …FUCK POPSICLES --------------- Eminem MGK Diss Response Machine Gun Kelly Parody Marshall Mathers Rap Beef Brent Pella Written & Directed by Brent Pella INSTAGRAM & TWITTER - @BrentPella LIVE SHOW DATES - BrentPella.com FACEBOOK - Facebook.com/BrentPella DP - Danny Neal Camera - Patrick Bellante, Elijah Kiter Featuring: Tim de la Motte Patrick Quinn Jules the Dog Morgan Jay