Man Removes Soda Can from Skunks Head

Posted on Thu, 22 December 2016 in Funny Animals
Before heading to a meeting with a mayor, this guy came across a skunk with a soda can stuck on its head. He wanted to rescue the animal, but he was wearing a suit and was scared to get sprayed. Luckily, the skunk was grateful for his compassion and walked away after the can was removed without spraying the him in his fancy clothes. License this video now: Visit our blog for more information on viral video licensing: Jukin Media represents more than 30,000 independent video creators. Their videos are available for licensing at Want more info? Hear what the press is saying about Jukin Media: LIKE us on Facebook: FOLLOW us on LinkedIn: FOLLOW us on Twitter: FOLLOW us on Instagram: Viral videos are our world. Whether you have them or you need them, we cover both